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All you need to know about Disruption claims in construction!

Construction projects involve various kinds of activities running simultaneously. Hence they are subject to various conflicts, delays, disruptions, and claims resulting from all three of them. These claims are the responsibility of one of the parties involved in the project, but not always.

For finding who is responsible for the claim, the project owner hires expert witnesses. If you’re planning a construction project, you will need to hire one of these experts too, because claims are second nature to construction projects.

This article will further elaborate on you as to why you need to hire construction claim consultants. It will also tell you how disruption claims occur, and who solves them and by which methods.
Everything you need to know about disruption claims:

More complex a project, the higher the chances of disruption claims arising. In such projects, the expertise of construction expert witnesses becomes a compulsion. Some questions that might cross your mind while you are looking forward to your construction project experience:
What is a disruption claim?

Disruption is a loss of productivity or a disturbance caused by an activity of one of the stakeholders. When a disruption occurs, the resultant claim is called a Disruption claim.

Who disrupts construction projects?

Disruptions are caused due to several reasons, and hence the source of disruption can be different in every case. Disruptions can be due to an act by the employer, the owner of a construction project, contractor or a cause which is completely unrelated to parties involved in the project.

A delay expert is hired for disruption analysis to find out which party is at fault, although the claims that result after disruptions are assessed with an entirely different approach.

Difference between disruption and delays:

Disruption is a hindrance due to which rate of efficiency of a project is affected whether timelines get affected or not. Whereas delays are related to the lateness of a part of a project. Now, these two can be related some times. A delay can become a cause of disruption, and the opposite can also happen.

How to estimate loss due to disruption?

For claims, usually, it seems that evaluation will begin where the project terms are laid out: the contract. That is true for delays but not for disruptions. For disruptions, there are different considerations.These considerations include the hindered progress, the elements or parts of the work disrupted, or the incurred costs or losses due to disruptions. There are three following methods for estimating loss caused due to disruption:

Measured mile analysis:

In this method, the disruption analyst compares the actual performance of labor within a certain timeframe with performance in the period allegedly disrupted due to any cause. This is a comparative process

Baseline productivity analysis:

Baseline productivity analysis is a conservative form of estimation. It is carried out by weighing a section of work not disrupted with the hindrance in question. This analysis is carried out when it very difficult to figure out the disruption or loss thereof.

Earned value analysis:

In this method of disruption claim analysis, the amount and cost of work-according to the plan- is compared on a certain point in time.

Acquire services of a construction claim expert!

Now that you have basic information regarding delays, ad disruption claims, you must be thinking of your next move. When your construction project faces any of these challenges, you should hire a delay expert, who simplify complex situations for you.

How aware are you of construction claims?

If you are looking forward to undertaking a construction project of your own, you must be careful of all the claims. For this purpose, you will need to hire construction claim consultants from a reputable company. These professionals have a sound knowledge of problems that occur on-site and off-site. You must stay careful!

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